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1080p HDMI HD.

Capture more moments

Once-in-a-lifetime means just that. The Nokia 808 PureView is ready to shoot in less than a second to make sure you picture the action as it happens. After all, the world is full of stories of what might have happened and what could have been.

Bright flash for low light

Low light is no problem. With the Nokia 808 PureView youve got a powerful Xenon flash and LED video light on your side, so you're ready to catch spontaneous moments after dark.

Make more of your images

Give your pictures and videos a whole new social life with a range of brilliant apps for Nokia 808 PureView. Get real-time feedback to your photos with GetMeRated, update your networks with pictures using Pikchur, watch and share high-quality videos with Vimeo, or even create real postcards from your images with Postcard on the Run. Just visit Nokia Store to download the apps and start sharing.

Rich Recording

On-the-fly movies dont need to have a muffled soundtrack. Record crisp, clear audio which catches every detail and ultra low bass, and wont distort up to a thumping 140 decibels thats just like a jet plane taking off. Nokia 808 PureView features Dolby Headphone, so you can enjoy Dolby surround sound from any stereo headphones.

Apps, games, and much more

The Nokia 808 PureView brings you all the clever features youd expect from a Nokia smartphone. Find your way with Nokia Maps. Enjoy the latest games and entertainment apps. Or simply set up life your way with business and social networking features from the latest speedy version of Nokia Belle.




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